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TORONTO, Ontario – November 20 Annual Mobile Apps With a Mission Food Drive, which will reward restaurants who donate with free products and services. Nakimbe Baobab, Founder and CEO of Mappdom International, decided upon this concept as a benefit to restaurants to help them improve customer service by offering mobile apps to their customers. Restaurants, in turn, “pay it forward” by feeding hungry families in our communities through various agencies. Effective October 17, 2016, eligible restaurants who donate a minimum of $250.00 to The Daily Food Bank will receive a free mobile app for their business. The donation amount was chosen because $250.00 will feed a family of four healthy, nutritious meals for one month. Mappdom intends to raise $25,000 through the initiative.

“Mappdom has always strived to make a difference,” said Baobab. “At first it was all about teaching entrepreneurs how to use the mobile revolution to generate additional income for their business. Helping has always been our mission. Now, we can help even more people, and in an even bigger way. It’s exciting.”

Mappdom CEO Nakimbe Baobab was inspired to change her business model on September 21st while attending Toronto’s Archangel Summit, an annual gathering of entrepreneurs dedicated to creating positive worldwide change. Baobab had the opportunity to volunteer for the Founder of Archangel himself, Giovanni Marsico, where she collaborated with guest speak and business-building powerhouse, Gary Vaynerchuk. The result was a renewed commitment to giving back through her business in a meaningful way. In her own words: “I was inspired to change my business model from simply offering mobile apps, to selling apps that give back and make a difference.” Thus, Mobile Apps with a Mission was born.

Restaurants interested in participating in the Mobile Apps With a Mission Food Drive can apply to donate at Once approved, donations will be made through a specially created link. After the donation is completed, the business’s customized mobile app development can begin. Coding, testing, UX, UI and the cost of mobile app development will be donated by Mappdom Mobile Apps. Participating businesses are only responsible for design fees and submission costs to app stores. Through this program, monthly app hosting will be provided at an 80% discount. The total process of mobile app development takes approximately 8 weeks, allowing for a pre-Christmas launch and a great way to make the most of 2017.

For more information on Mappdom Mobile Apps, as well as more information on the 2016 Mobile Apps With a Mission Food Drive promotion, please visit, call 1-866-826-1126 or send an email to